Run drops and giveaways with Farcaster Frames

Zero code required.

Enjoyed by 240+ beloved farcasters

Engage & Reward

Distribute mints, coupon codes, and content to your audience directly in the timeline with frames.

Drive Traffic

Require users to like, recast, follow any account or even hold tokens to access rewards.

Stop bots and incentivize real users

15+ gating options to tailor your social campaigns and prevent the bots from getting your stuff.

Collect Feedback & Insights

Gather direct feedback and user data through private, in-feed messages.

Boost Conversion

Frames make it possible to do giveaways and mints directly in the timeline. No external website, no login and no drop off.

Collect Addresses & User Info

Use Glass's Registry to collect wallet addresses and user info for your next drop.

Reward real fans, not a bunch of bots.

15+ gating options to make sure your campaigns go to the right people.

Require holding ERC-721, ERC-1155, or ERC-20 tokens.

Require accounts be Active Status, Top Casters, or have a low fid.

Require like, recast, or follow any account

Require users to follow any channel

Mix and match any requirements together

Connect your social graph to all of commerce with redemption codes.

Distribute redemption codes for use with providers like Stripe, Shopify, Wix and just about everywhere else.

Redemption codes

Real World Examples

Run a secure, onframe mint with Manifold

Give free shipping to followers on your Shopify store

Give a one month free trial on your saas product

Integrate with any provider that supports coupon or promotion codes.

Get glass now.

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